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I'm thinking about selling my 2002 Excursion (Project Home-Ex) with the 7.3L PowerStroke Diesel.

I have made many modifications to this vehicle to make it a part time (fully removable) RV! I am looking to either sell this vehicle as is with all my modifications or on its own and I will part everything out. At this point in time I am just looking to see if anyone would be interested in it as is before taking everything off. The reasoning I went with a 2wd is because it is a whole different front end and uses IFS. While IFS is a big problem on rigs that hit the rocks, it does much better on the road. Other reasons I chose a 2wd is the turning radius is much better, there is less weight and moving parts (ie better milage), the ride height is 3" lower (much easier to get in, this is not a small truck), lower insurance rates, and it drives much better than the 4wd with the solid axle up front.
I just checked and they said $19,285 for excellent condition and$17,980 for one in "Good Condition". The shine on this truck is amazing. The place that I bought it from put some special wax on it that has a 6-8 (if not lifetime) warranty and it looks like you have waxed it each time you wash it. There are a couple scratches on the paint, but the paint is in great shape. The interior is about the same with some slight things but largely in great shape. Due to the fact that 7.3Ls are far more reliable than 6.0s and ones in good condition are becoming harder and harder to find I am fully confident I should be able to get close to the excellent rating for the truck on its own. I have put over $5,000 of modifications onto this rig and it has proven to function flawlessly on my cross country road trip I took last summer. If you are wanting the whole package, I am willing to let everything go for $22,000

Truck Stats:

2002 Ford Excursion Limited 2wd (every available option)
7.3L PowerStroke Diesel w Auto Transmission
115,000mi on the clock
Nothing but Rotella every 3-5k
Transmission Fluid replaced with full Synthetic
Brand new Duller A/T Revos (9-ply ready for towing including warranty)
Lifetime Alignments at any FireStone dealer (should be transferable)
New Steering Rack has less than 15k on it (replaced by stupid dealer trying to fix wobble that turned out to be associated with old tires)
Brakes done by dealer when replacing the steering rack
Has Factory Rear DvD Entertainment System w aux input
Factory Heated Extendable Towing Mirrors
Heated Front Seats

Truck Modifications:
4 Position DP-Tuner Chip (Stock, Tow, Econ, Race you can change on the fly)
XWheel compressor wheel (Prevents flutter in turbo when shifting under boost)
MBRP 4" Turbo-Back Exhaust w MBRP 5" Stainless Tip to keep EGTs down
Helwig Anti-Swaybar
True-Cool (Giant) Transmission Cooler
Gauges (Boost, EGT (Need to drill probe), and Trans temp)
Full Synthetic Fluids
Custom Light Bar
LightForce 240s (Linked file is a PDF)
Yakima Rack System w Farring
New Dual 1000amp Starting Batteries with warranty (done 1-07)
Brand new Tint by ProTint (best in area) 35% up front and 15% in the back

"Home Ex" Mods:

Switchable Quad Battery Setup by 12vGuy
2 Interstate Extreme Cycle GolfCart Batteries. During my 7week trip with medium usage I didn't have to recharge them once.
RAM Laptop Mount (fits any laptop)
SUV Tent
Custom 2-Stage Rear Box (fully removable)
Pull-Out 3 Burner Propane Cooking Stove
Hidden Xantrex XPower 1200w Inverter with 4 outlets & Remote switch
Room for single mattress with full storage in place, due to the way the windows extend outward it feels larger than a single when in place. *without two of the storage bins and if you relocate the spare tire there is room for a queen size mattress!
More storage than you could ever know what to do with...

For more pics of the "HomeEx" Buildup- Click Here

I have used this vehicle to tow a couple times and I will tell you this thing is designed for towing. One of those times was an impromptu delivering of BlackSheep on a U-Haul trailer plus all of the payload weight of my "HomeEx". The extra weight and extra drag of the massive Tacoma did hurt the acceleration a bit, but once at hiway speeds I couldn't even tell it was there. With a towing rating of 11,000lb from the factory and with a load leveling hitch and a brake controller many have towed 1,300lb without problems. I really love this truck, and am in no real hurry to sell it but its size is becoming to be a bit big for me because it is my current daily driver and I'm finding myself doing more and more around town driving. I would really like this rig to go to someone who will be able to use it the way I have designed it but if the interest isn't there then I'll be parting it out. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

If you are interested in just parts, please hold out. When and if I decide to part the truck out I will start another thread specifically for that purpose. For right now I'm just trying to sell the vehicle. Thanks for reading! :D

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After a crazy weekend and thinking everything through I have reconsidered my asking price and thought it was a bit lofty. My new asking price is $19,500 for everything. I will be adding more pics shortly with pictures of the interior etc.

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I will be doing a full detail on the rig early this week so I will post more detailed pictures then but until then this will get you a better idea of what the interior looks like.


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Sweet EX!
have you visited the website,
I purchased a used 02 a few years ago with the 7.3 I love it!!!!
I really like the setup you have in the rear of your truck!
I want to buy a ARE cap and do the same bed/storage arrangement!
keep in touch
good luck!

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Man Oh man, My family is in the market for one, But jeez... Its not four wheel drive! Gl w/ the sale, great rig, 7.3's are unbeatable!
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