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Looking under the hood....

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Yesterday I changed my oil and was just checking all my fluids......My power steering fluid was a little on the low side but could not see any evidence of a leak around the hoses coming out of the canister. Does the fluid just get used up after a period of time? Second ? how much coolant should be in the resivor beside the radiator? Just wanderind bout the correct levels and make sure nothing is wrong with my truck as I am bout to get married and we're going to Disney World in the truck.
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Check for a leak on the PS hoses or where they attach to the power steering unit.
Remember too that there are two fluid level lines, one for when the fluid is hot and one for when it is cold. So, you may not have an issue.

As long as you have fluid to the top of your radiator when you pop the top (When COLD of course) you have enough fluid. The overflow reservoir, is just that, a reservoir to catch the fluid that overflows.
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