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RC10T4 with GTB 4.5 system, very recent diff, new bearings, titanium tie rods, brand new tie rod ends, Spektrum high-torque servo, Spektrum receiver (with capacitor), ready to race in mod truck. Comes with the tires/wheels show in the picture plus 2 more Losi front wheels. The Losi step pins are brand new, only have 3 laps on the outdoor track on them. Fast truck when I keep it off it's roof. Some spare parts included.

$125 for the roller

$175 for everything minus the GTB system

$350 for it as it sits right now, ready to race in mod truck, with the 4.5 system.

RC10B4FT. This thing is quick and handles very well. Has new tie rod ends, quite a few spares, fresh diff, fresh shocks, shimmed hingepins, all the FT stuff (it is a FT). Currently has a fresh 19t from RCE in it. Plenty of power, was regularly in the top 3 during the local points race this past fall. Has a few sets of decent tires mounted on wheels that comes with it. Has a Novak Racer EX ESC that works mint and a Spektrum Receiver in it (with capacitor). Also comes with quite a few spares.

$125 for the roller
$225 with everything shown, ready to race in 19t buggy.

Spektrum 3 channel transmitter. Works perfect. Currently setup with model 1 as the T4 and model 2 as the B4. Comes with a spare battery cradle and TWO sets of rechargeables (one NiMH, one NiCD).


Or, buy both cars with everything and I'll throw in the transmitter.

Tekin BC112A and BC112C chargers. Both work perfectly. Both upgraded to the H31 firmware to charge NiMH's. I've owned these since I was 15. I'm 26 now. They have NEVER let me down. The 112c has a 10A power supply built in, powers itself and the 112a which hooks up to it. Makes for a compact yet powerful charging system that is simple and effective.

$75 for both

Batteries! They are 3200's matched packs. 7 of the 8 packs work well, one is a little slow. Comes with the battery case. Most have Lighspeed/Sermos connectors.

$80 for everything.

Toolbox with LOTS of tools/spares!

Just a little listing, not gunna list everything:

Deans battery building jig
50+ pieces of shrinkwrap for cells
3 servo's
4 receivers
10+ spurs
10+ pinions
3 stock motors
Novak Tempest ESC
7A power supply
Pit Fan
RPM Camber Guage
Unopened AE shock rebuild kit
Team Integy Hex Drivers
Team Integy Nut Drivers
Allen Drivers
Servo Tape
RPM Bearing Blaster
Bearings (some new, some used)
Brushes, knives, wrenches, pliers, etc etc
Spares from everything from RC10T to T4 to TC4 to B4
Basically mostly everything you could need at the track

$150 for it all. Just the Integy tools alone are worth half that.

I also have 3 RC10T's, a Tamiya Astute, an original Blackfoot, a Futaba PCM1024 system, couple Futaba Magnum Juniors, Novak Duster Sport and some other random odds and ends. I'll let the whole package go with everything RC I own for $1000. The GTB system is worth $200 right off the bat.

Open to offers.

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snwbdr said:
that's a steal for the wouldn't happen to be willing to part out the dean's battery jig would ya?
Well, I'm holding out selling the DX3 until I can get rid of some other stuff. It would suck to get rid of the transmitter and be stuck with 2 cars that are all set minus a tx!!!

I'd like to sell stuff in bunches. If I get to the point of parting stuff out, I'll let you know. I'd get rid of the Dean's for $15.

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That charger is bad ass!!! I have one and its great. I dug my cars out after like 10 years and started building again but i have way too much going to race anymore. Not only that but the last cars i raced and still have are XXcr,XXTcr.

Nice stuff good luck with the sale.

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you were worse than me!
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