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Hi everyone!

I had a 2003 Tacoma and got rid of it it due to the lower ball joint failure issue. I agree with what was said on this thread (Just joined the list of people with failed lower ball joint bolts.. - Page 3 - TTORA Forum) on the fact that this is a design flaw, not a manufacturing defect. I didn't want to be driving a truck without being able to have peace of mind on my safety and others' safety on the road.

Now I'm considering buying a pre-Tacoma Toyota pickup, perhaps an 1994. However, it seems to me their IFS design is exactly the same as the 95-2004 Tacomas (check out the three photos below, first two from a 1989 truck, third one from a 1st gen Tacoma) At least the lower ball joint seems to me to be the exact same design as the 1st gen Tacomas'. In spite of this, I have not seen any report pertaining those earlier pickups on having the lower ball joint failure issue as the Tacomas do.

Could someone here give me any knowledgeable feedback on this? If I'm gonna buy another Toyota pickup, I wanna make sure it's not gonna have that same issue as the 1st gen Tacomas.

Thanks a lot!


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