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I have a 2002 taco V6 5spd. 4x4, 3 in revtek spacer lift 33x12.50 BFG at's.
My problem is that the bushings on the lower shock/coil mount are wearing out quickly. The truck has 92,000 miles. I can understand the orig. shock bushings going, but I just purchased one new shock(auto zone) and with in2-3 months that shock bushing is coming apart.

Does any body else have this problem? I know the best thing would be to get some hoes, kings, or sway-a-ways but I cant afford those now(Working student). Do you think that getting one new one and having the old one, wore out the new bushing? I think the cure for now would to buy two new shocks and install them at the same time, I just don't want the new shocks bushing to come apart in 6 mo., and compressing the coil is a bi*ch with the Rental coil compressors.

Please let me know your thoughts.THX
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