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MAF sensor readings/data

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I was just curious if one can get the readings off the MAF sensor so that it sends the data to digital or needle gauge? Or can you put an air flow sensor some where an in the intake tract and hook that up to a gauge?
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John Luttrell said:
Would be difficult to do; it sends out a signal in milivolts. I would be afraid to tap into the MAF sensor wires do to the fact that any voltage drop would cause a drastic change in signal to the computer and effect drivability. Why are you wanting to know the readings?
Actually the voltage goes up to 5 volts before it is considered pegged and you need a bigger MAF. Knowing the voltage can come in handy if you can map TPS,MAF, AF Ratio on a sheet for tuning purposes. If you have a supercharger it would be really good to know that your not pegging the MAF because after the signal forces the computer to use a preset table and bypass the MAF sensor.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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