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Hey guys, used to be kind of active here around 07-09, then I got sent to Hawaii and took my truck with me. Now I'm overseas in Germany sadly without my truck :( The deal they have me on puts me in a different country each year for 3 years, and I was kinda thinking.. I'm at the end on yr 1, andfter year 2 I might take my truck out of the storage unit in Cali and ship it to a Recommended Shop in Texas to have some Overhaulin's done. Is anyone proud of the work or Toyota knowledge or both of a mechanic in Texas? My folks live in San Antonio, so the closer the better but it doesnt matter much to me.

My truck is around 225K and running strong, but I want to rebuild and talk to some mech's about adding some ponies under the hood, throwing in some gears to help with my 285's and maybe fab up some armor if it can be done under the same roof. That's kind of the tip of the iceberg, but it's a good start.
Any help?

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