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mickey t baja claws

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I haven't seen much talk about these tires on the board, I did some searching and didn't come up with too much either. Most people are running goodrich or goodyear mtrs, what are the downfalls that ya'll are noticing with the claws that are keeping them below the formentioned? I like the aggresive look they have and thought about them as my next set. Keep in mind I'm mostly concerned about 'life' since I'm mostly on the pavement.
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Well actually, I had a set of the baja Claw radials on my old 4runner. Had them for 2 years and they had half life. I even drove to california and they drove fine. Now there was a bit more noise than I was used to, but then again I never had driving with mud tires period. And the old two-door 4runners didnt have much round noise protection at all. I finally had to get rid of them because I wore the front two to a bold on the insides due to my alignment all out of wack. Thats what I get for ignoring maintenance. But if you go with these tires, I recomment rotating them every 3K. I did and they rode and wore fine. Great in mud and rock BTW. Could air them down to 13 psi on 15x8 rim without poping beads off. But when they are that low, they handle quite differently on the road to the gas station to air up the tires again. :)
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I have noticed the steering on the Tacos are a bit different than my old '87 4runner. I didnt feel things like I do now. I couldnt feel the lugs while turning, but I could at about 25-35 mpg. You can really really feel the knobs making the truck bounce up n down. But never had a tractino problem.
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