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this is part rant part wtf next. ain't my first go at these either which is why so frustrated that I didn't demand the compression test!

last fall got the p301.
replaced the plugs and wires (definitely over 50k on them), still coding
swapped coils around, still coding
due to diagnosing a misfire with my previous '99 5vzfe I knew that it could be the valves and if those were bad for long enough I could have a head problem, so I took her in for a compression test. the mechanic told me "don't bother cause it doesn't run or idle rough, its likely the injector". I listened to the dude instead of demanding a test or doing it myself.--MISTAKE
I since ordered an injector, pulled the old one off, then remembered to measured the ohms, they all with in spec, so I am thinking all good there. it could be dirty but I have ran so much fuel cleaner I just don't know. Thought about swapping the with another to check before throwing the new one in.

Decided to replace the valve cover gaskets and meanwhile check the clearances.
At TDC I can't get a .008 in the #1 intake (specs call for a min of .006) so I have to get a set of smaller feeler gauges but I couldn't get the .008 in the #3ex which has a min spec of .011. I am thinking dam, these all must be tight and sucking hot air back.

Now I am really worried about the head on the #1 being the source of the misfire. That's the same issue I had with my '99. However we diagnosed it with a compression test. Now that I have It taken apart, I'd rather have the valves adjusted. but then if there is heat crack in the head, will have to have it all taken down again.

poop sticks
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