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Back to the P0304 code again. ....(cylinder 4 on a 3.4L motor)

I will have to get a leak down tester like you suggested Dick. Any brand you like?

With new plugs, wires and coil packs done - that shouldn't be it. New fuel filter on it's way Friday.

The FSM:

1. open or short in engine wire
2. connector connection
3. ignition system
4. injector
5. fuel pressure
6. MAF
7. engine coolant temp. sensor
8. compression pressure
9. valve clearance
10. valve timing
11. ECM

All are obviously possible if I had a P0300.

I think that the ones in bold text would be more likely since it's a specific cylinder.

Connections seem solid. MAF is fairly new and clean. I think it wouldn't be a valve out of spec as the code hasn't appeared for months. A valve only gets worse never better right, so how would the code go away for so long? However, with a screwdriver to the ear it does seem to have a louder "click" than the other 5 cylinders.

Anybody have thoughts?
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