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no updates since the recent bounty gained from Ohio's spring fling? LOL how about more info on the compressor you came home with? looks "juicey" (as in good)

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Well...since you asked...

I won the following:

MF-1089 Dual Cylinder compressor (dual cyl version of the famous MV-50) (From LROF)
Spartan Toyota 8" 4 Cylinder locker (From LROF)
$100 Summit Gift Card
$50 Toytec Gift Card
Shirts from the event as well as Yukon Gear
LowRangeOffRoad Coffe Mug

The compressor will be put to good use, as I seem to keep failing my MV-50's...heat kills them. Most recently I had both fail in my dual set-up. If I watch it and run them up in steps they do fine. Next may be a thermal sensor and relay to allow the compressors to switch off when getting hot...but this system is getting silly complicated now..

With the MF-1089, I will have the luxury of duals, but in the space of a single compressor. This will allow me to get my moisture seperator in the system to avoid getting the lockers "wet" and the problems that come with that.

I also have a set of 5 brand new 37/12.5/17 KM2's sitting at home waiting to be fitted as well, but really want to go beadlocks this time around. So now I am between a set of steelies and welding up some DIY (wont be the first time) or getting some bling Raceline Monster Beadlock Alloy Wheels, as they are on sale right now for a great price too...

Then I need to start destroying my wheel wells (whats left of them) and get these things fitted. 35's will be for sale soon so stay tuned! (5-35/12.5/17 MTR Yellow Labels)

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run brake lines from the master cylinder to the front wheels

build square tube d/s

weld on orbital valve and run lines/cooler

cut off and reweld support for hydraulic ram at the correct angle

fill air shocks

make exhaust

cut rear fenders

cut front fenders

put gear oil in front axle and pray it doesnt leak (again)

theres gotta be more here... its been sitting since winter and i havent done anything

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1. Install ULK and Billies..............DONE
Lift is purchased and am awaiting delivery

2. Install wheels and tires...........DONE
Wheels and tires are here, just need to be mounted and balanced.

3. Purchase and install sliders (still trying to choose which ones)........
Trail Gear vs. All Pro

4. Projector Headlights ..............
Not even close to knowing what I want to do here.

5. Bumpers.............
More than likely, Elite or Relentless...Front first.

6. Grillecraft mesh grille.

7. Black Grille........ Done

8. pinch weld......DONE
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