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Mods to 2005 tacos.

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What mods have you done so far? I have instaled my rechargable streamlight. Mud on tires mod. I am trying to figre out where the darn relay for the poweroutlets are. I am wondering if I should even try the deck plate mod but the air box is such a small wierd shape and the tube seem suficient for air flow, and the fact that the only place I can see one fitting is toward the back of the engine compartment and it will be getting warm air. I want to figure out how to take the center console apart and dash for some reason(fetish maybe). :rolleyes: I also have a three inch lift comming for it. :D
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screw the deckplate mod. tried it on my '00 and hated it. there wasnt THAT much power difference and more crap got into the box. I remember reading people had critters crawl inside.
Then theres a mud puddle when you least expect it, and as responsible drivers we slow down to avoid splashing passerbys and to keep our vehicles clean..... YEAH RIGHT! We slam right into it making the biggest wave we can, than OH CHIT! I forgot my deckplate was open!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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