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tbrown said:
Who's making the three inch lift for the new taco? Is it just spacers? Also I'm sure everyone will be asking whats the biggest tire you can fit without a lift so I'll be the first.

i took our 05 out to the desert on sun. It did great off road!!!

its running 305/70R17 (34") on 17x8 W/4.75" back space. we custom machined the wheels to make them fit as tight as posible.

when you get it crossed up off road the 305 is a little to large. we were runing those tires for the SEMA show but will go back down to a 285. these new trucks are very wheel size and backspace sensitive, if you have to much offset you get into big rubbing issues

there are some pictures of it here:

the coil overs for these trucks will be ready to ship after christmas
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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