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Hi TTORA, thanks for letting me register.

I started trail riding in a 89 Yota Pickup till I drove it till its death after 3 years of ownership 1.5 years was trail riding and the other half was kayak fishing. The power of the 4-banger never satisfy my hunger. So last year I picked up its larger brother the 5.7 V8 and never looked backed. During my 2nd week of ownership, I took it on Cleghorn to test out the suspension to see what I should really do and see how it performs.

1 month of ownership later, 6 inch lift kit, 37inch tires and slowly everything builds from there on. All the work was assemble and bolt on myself except the slider that I had someone custom fab. I'm looking forward to attempt and meetup and trail ride with some of the TTORA members.


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