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Mother Earth?: Something to be worshipped?

/columnistsview.asp?c=21713> The Illinois Leader ^ | Wednesday, December
29, 2004 | Scott Thomas

Posted on 12/29/2004 7:50:08 AM PST by
<> rface

[ snip ]

Recently, in doing some research on environmental extremist groups, I
kept seeing a recurring theme...the notion that dear Mother Earth was
not only something to be protected, but something to be worshipped.

Something to be worshipped?

This struck me as particularly ironic in light of the secular dismissing
of the Biblical God I worship. So, I kept reading and searching until I
found what I believe to be the most succinct statement of the
environmental extremist mantra. This is from the beliefs statement of
The Aetherius Society:

The whole of the New Age movement is based not on the changes that are
taking place within the consciousness of humanity so much as the change
in vibrations of the Mother Earth. Throughout the centuries Western
science has learned many things about the Earth upon which we all
reside. However, it has yet to learn what the Native American Indians
and other indigenous races have always known: That the Mother Earth is a
very evolved, sentient life form; indeed, a Goddess. She has nurtured
and protected humanity for thousands, even millions, of years.

In the aftermath of Sunday's natural massacre, what must these people
think of their goddess?

Now I know why Rush Limbaugh refers to these folks as "whackos". Mother
Earth is a sentient (self aware) life form...a Goddess, who has
protected humanity for millions of years?

In light of this belief, I have a chance to ask her disciples the very
question I get asked, regarding God, in times of great disaster.

What kind of Goddess would, by her very own hand, cause tens of
thousands of people to die?

Was she upset by offshore oil drilling in the Indian Ocean? If so, why
not just topple the oilrigs? Was she upset by the harvesting of billfish
north of Australia? Why not just sink a few boats?

If Mother Earth is sentient, why is she not discerning? Were all those
victims SUV drivers?

And, if she has the capability of wiping out 100,000 people in a matter
of minutes, why would an environmental extremist worry about drilling a
few holes in ANWAR? If these relative pinpricks upset the "vibrations of
Mother Earth", it appears she is quite capable of letting us know and,
if need be, taking care of the transgression herself.

The reason I care about this is because I am an
least I think I am. I love the outdoors. I gasp at the beauty of the
Alaskan Range or the Great Rift Valley. I release virtually every fish I
catch. I recycle. It's important to me that our air and water stay
clean. But, we have to make sure that we don't let the Aetherius types
dictate our environmental policies.

In case you needed it, Sunday was proof that the earth is no more a
mother and no more a goddess than I am.

It is a largely unstable molten ball with a 12 mile, or so, thick
protective crust. It does what it does, with virtually no regard to what
we do on its skin. I support reasonable environmental policy and, at the
same time, recognize that the earth seems to be able to take care of
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