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Motor Vehicle Travel on the Eldorado National Forest Continues to be
Restricted to Forest System Roads and Trails
As we approach Memorial Day weekend and the kick-off to the summer season, it is important to
note that motor vehicle use on the Eldorado National Forest is restricted to the National Forest
System roads and trails. Last summer, the Eldorado Forest received direction from the U.S. District
Court in Sacramento to restrict motor vehicle travel across the Forest while the motor vehicle route
designation project is being completed. In response, a Forest Order (Order No. 03-05-07) was issued
on August 25, 2005, and a new Motor Vehicle Restrictions map was distributed free-of-charge. The
Motor Vehicle Restrictions map shows all of the roads and trails on the Forest, and their
corresponding number, that are open to public wheeled motor vehicle use. Public motor vehicle
travel is not allowed off of the system roads and trails shown on this map.
We are now beginning the first full season of implementing this new Order. Acting Forest
Supervisor Tom Efird would like to emphasize to forest visitors the importance of complying with
this Order as the Forest moves from an educational focus to increased enforcement of the Order. It is
important to remember that: (1) the Motor Vehicle Restrictions map is the primary enforcement
mechanism, which means that if a road or trail is on the map it is currently open to public motor
vehicle use, (2) traveling off of roads and trails shown on the map is prohibited, and (3) you may only
park within a reasonable distance of the roadway so as not to block the roadway, create a safety
hazard, or cause resource damage. The Forest will continue to distribute maps free-of-charge, sign
open roads and trails on the ground with corresponding numbers on the map, and post closed signs
where appropriate to help the public understand where they can go.
For additional information or to request a copy of the Motor Vehicle Restrictions map along with
an explanatory recreation opportunity guide, please contact the Eldorado National Forest at (530)
622-5061, email us at [email protected], or visit our website at If
you need assistance or more information, please contact Anthony Scardina, Route Designation Team
Leader at (530) 621-5276.
MAY 24, 2006
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