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Cant find anyone running the 16x8 MT classic lock 6 on 5.5, 4"BS on a 1st gen. Did a search and just wondering if they fit?

Any input would be great.

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what size tires you plan on running ?

alternatively you might want to look at the ProComp 8069 series.
very similar... probably lower cost.

I run the PC 8069-6993...
Mine are glossy black, 16 X 8 @ 4" BS
and the offset will clear... if moving up to the Tundra brake upgrade.
They make a flat black in the 8069 series as well.
Thought they ended in 7993 but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Can't says I know much about the MT's
But thought I had read that others had mounted them without issue.

btw... 4" BS'ing is just enough for fitting 285/75/16
bigger tires would require 3.75"

I roll 295/75/16's on my 8069's...
and I need to use 1/4" hub spacers to keep the tire off the frame.
^ still rubs slightly... but not enough to have concern.

Wish I had gone with a 3.75" BS'd wheel.

Good luck with your future purchase :)
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