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My buddys oldsmobile

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Okay so last night my cell phone rings this was about midnight, My buddy tells me hes stuck (cause he was gonna get it on with his girlfriend)so I figured it would take a nice little tug to get him on his way, Well I was in for a treat he was just under a 100 feet down an old hill and he was parked side ways so every time I gave him a tug (in 4 wheel drive) but hed go straight and almost go over the bank. So anyways I drive down hook my 15ft strap to his tow hook and im slowly getting him straight then I just start to spin, So I called my other buddy with a ford ranger, told him to give me a hand cause its gonna take two trucks to get him out cause its all ice. so my buddy tried to pull him out he got stuck so I pulled my buddy out then I drove down got a really good tug then I spun out and my front end pulled towards a tree alomost toasted my front driver side fender, So now im stuck my buddy gives me a big town i almost lost my truck down the bank, Then we whent to my work cause the guys were on night shift so we fount old lumber tie down sttraps there about 55ft long it worked awsome I pulled my Buddys Olds mobile out with 1 tug in 2 wheel drive.

So after 2 hours of dinking around me and my buddywith the ranger are desieded to buy lockers and a winch.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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