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Ok so I've decided to go LT. I'm not changing my mind anymore. The only thing I've decided is to go with the TC Gen 2 instead of the Gen 3. Here is the plan:

TC Gen 2 LT Kit
Fox 2.5 10" Travel COs
Fox 2.5 10" Travel Smoovies
T100 Axle Shafts
4.88s or 5.29s w/ Limited Slip

TC/Deaver 62" Kit w/ 12" Shackles
T100 Rear end with 4.88s or 5.29s, Spool, and Disc Brakes
Fox 2.5 16" or 18" Travel Smoovies

I'm gona swap out the Slushomatic for a 5-speed I have at the house(will I need any adapters to go from a 2wd 5-speed to a T-case?)

Bud Built Cross-members
FROR or All-Pro T-Case E-Brake

Hanneman Tacoma Conversion Fenders, Grille, Hood, and Bedsides

That pretty much sums it up. I'm in the process of selling a Torsion Bar Air Ride Kit(originally bought it for an 84 Yota I was gona bag) and my old DD('96 Civic Coupe) to fund this project. Also, working at Firestone helps out some.

Question on my brake choices. Would I be wise to run DS hubs and upgraded brakes in the front and run Tundra 12" rear brakes? I was looking at different housings and such and noticed from Diamond axle they have a FF Toy Based axle with 12" 6-lug rear brakes. Would this be a good idea?
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