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My door is tweaked - any ideas?

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Hey guys.

Well, I had the rocker panels on my truck Line-Xed yesterday, and it looks pretty good. However, while in the garage, they opened the passenger door and it hits/bends in the front fender! :eek: I am trying to find out how this happened. I went wheeling for a few days through some real rough stuff about a week ago, so that was my first thought. I banged on some rocks pretty hard, and had a couple of abrupt stops in between rocks, but nothing that severe. However, I had a passenger the whole time, and he said he never noticed anything wrong with the door - this would probably be noticeable, especially after it is opened more than halfway. Is it possible that something "settled" from all the josseling? I hope it isn't that the frame is a little tweaked - it still drives the same, no indications of anything. Also, there is no indications that anyone could have hit me to cause it.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else from offroading?

Thanks for any replies. I really hope it is an easy fix.

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The tire hit the fender huh? Well ok, I guess that could have happened. I do have 265/75s with no lift, so that doesn't help much. I would have thought the bump stops would prevent that though. I'll take a closer look tonight. Atleast it sounds like it could be an easy fix... Thanks for the reply.

I guess a couple inches of lift would solve future problems, huh? :D
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