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Im new with metal, and this is my first project. The goal was to have a place to put 3 antennas up high but not cab high. This way I can still unscrew the antennas if i have to and wont worry about the studs sticking up to high. I also wanted a place to mount my hella 500 rev lights, so they have a new home too. Also my big concern was i wanted to keep my tonneu cover on, so all i had to do was cut out the corners on the rails, i then screwed the front rain to the bed since it lost all its support and then cut the cover so it wraps tight around the bars. Worked perfect. As youll notice i only have one antenna hooked up which is the CB ant. Im still looking for a good hardmount scanner antenna and when i get my tech class ham lic im going to put a 2m antenna up there too. As for the cables, i think im going to run them through the bars, i was slightly undecided how i was going to do it at first, i just wanted to get it up there and tested first.. Hope you like!!!

Ah scew it, this is the only way i can figure out how to get this to work

The lights are going on the bottom bar which is actually just a peice of L shapped steel from lowes.

Hopefully the links will work.
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