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My Oath to My Drinking Buddies:

~When you are sad, I will give you a beer, slap you, and say, "FUCK IT... Now drink up."

~When you are scared, I will comfort you... and try to convince you that they will not search the trunk.

~When you are worried, I will buy not one but two thirty packs. That ought to hold us until 8pm.

~When you are lost, I will lead you back to your room... so that you can pass out with your boy/girlfriend and they can take care of you.

~When you are hungry, I will be a true friend... and keep you from adding on to your fat ass and hide the post-drinking munchies.

~When you are delirious with superhuman strength, I will sit your ass on the couch... and keep you from getting your drunk ass kicked..

~When you are confused, I will explain to you how sometimes ugly people look like supermodels when you are drunk.

*This is my oath... I pledge until the end. Why you may ask? Because you're my drinking friend! Send this to everyone you've ever slammed a few down with. It won't bring you good luck or lot's of lovin' or any of that shit that all the other crap promises, but it will let everyone know that you are a true drinkin' buddy

--- just thought this was some good shit.
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