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well my truck broke awhile ago so i took it to the shop. they told me my starter and flexplate were both fucked up, not that bad. they get the parts in and start to put them in and realize that the torque converter is also broke. they order that and then start to put that in and realize the pump in the transmission that runs the torque converter is also broke and leaked a whole bunch of shit into the transmission. they think that there are other problems with the tranny. they say i can get a used transmission with about 92,000 miles on it for $1000. i call around to local transmission places and they say it would cost $2500 to rebuild my tranny thats in the truck right now. so im not gonna do that because that is just way too much money. just getting your guys input because its always nice to here something from someone other than the mechanic. also wondering when after it is all and done if i should keep it or sell it. i love the truck and if i were to sell it i would definately get another one but i just want some other peoples input thanks
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