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So the other day I smell coolant when I get out of my truck. I knew my lower radiator hose was on its way out, so I suspected it.

I pop the hood and find coolant on the front engine skid, none on the engine I can see.

Yesterday, I replaced the thermostat and the lower hose. Before I replaced them, there was cool ant dripping off the driver's side of the radiator, at the bottom, at a decent pace, two drips or so a second. After replacing the hose, I filled it back up, rinsed the coolant off everything, and drove it for a while.

Parked it, and looked under it, I couldn't find any leak.

Where there was coolant on the radiator fins earlier, I didn't see any know.

I overfilled the overflow, and on the way to work this morning, it puked some.

And I smell coolant again. I don't know if I am still leaking or not.

Anyone with similar experience? I changed the timing belt at 90k without changing the water pump cause I am an idiot and like to do work twice. I can't find any coolant at the timing weep hole, but I don;t know if I am looking at it right, however, the coolant is distinctly coming from the radiator.

Thanks for your help,

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