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Well I'm a n00bie so I figured I'd introduce myself. I've always been a Toyota fan, but I'm finally buying my first one. It's a '86 4Runner (4cyl, 5spd, 4wd) with a lot of new/rebuilt parts (longblock, trans, clutch, brakes, ball joints etc.). It'll serve as a Daily Driver for a while... but eventually I'll ditch the IFS and get serious about it.

For now the plans are basic. I'm going to respray it myself, I'll stay w/ a charcoal grey the same as or close to the factory color. Though I keep toyin' w/ the idea of a blue similar to my 'vette (in sig). I'm thinking of building some tube bumpers/corner guards and maybe cropping the lower portion of the back fenders. When I send the bumpers off for powder coat I think I'll have all the factory bright-work pc'ed too (most of it is starting to look pretty rough, and I'd rather just have it all black).

Does anybody have some good pics of custom bumpers? I'm looking for ideas. I'm not ready to go full-on exoskeleton or anything yet.

The truck has been very well maintained and was basically just went entirely through and everything that needed attention was replaced. But is there anything else I should check for?

Oh, and thanks to BigBadBob0 for directing me to TTORA!


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