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Need heights for Stock Taco

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I need the heights of the front bumper as well as the height of the rocker panal of a NON lifted Tacoma. Perferably '95 to '99 model.

I never measured mine before I started lifting and now need to know those heights for some legal issues that have arised.

thanks in advance

P.s if this is not the correct folder for this question, I apologize and graciously asked a mod to move to the correct folder
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Dick Foster said:
Just run down to a dealer and measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the frame rail and go from there.

Been meaning to do that for a while now, but most of the Toy dealers are on the completely opposite side of town from me. Just thought I could get a quick answer here and do what I need to do quicker if I asked.

besides I keep forgetting my tape measure at home! :D

Hey thanks for the links again. I think I might have a basis to go off of now. Where did you pick up your end links at for the sway?
Well thanks again Dick, Like I mentioned earlier, the sway bar is the last issue for me to sort out before I can start cutting.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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