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terminator said:
Can anybody tell me what year/models Toyota this head unit fits?
I was told it would fit my 98 but the plugs are totally different.
On the side it says
Part No. 09357129 CI: 86120-08110
what year did it come out of? I sold my 2000 radio to a guy with a 97 and it was a perfect fit, the connectors plugged right in.

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There are two types of factory headunits on Toyotas: Internally amplified, like most Tacomas, and those that have an external amplifier like high end JBL and premium sound models.

Easiest way to tell is whether it uses one "denser" plug or two plugs. The one pictured above looks like a internally amplified, fits right in a Taco, unit.

I bought a internally amplified unit for my wife's Sienna and have had problems with the harness. I bypassed the amp and it sounds fine but I have no lights on the headunit at night.

If you think you bought the one requiring an external amp and are lookimng to trade maybe we could help each other out.

Drop me a line or PM.

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