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A couple months ago I asked about this great deal I was lucky to come by, 5 30x9.5 mud terrain tires for around $200.

Well I've been using them ever since and I'm about to take a 5 hr road trip and just wanted to double check on the tire pressure I should have them on.

Right now they are at...

Front 33
Rear 35

...right off the bat this seems a bit high but the tire shop that installed said they set them up correctly so should I just leave them at that or go by the Toyota specs which are for 31x10.5 tires?

2.7 reg cab


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I would say you are waaaaaayyy over pressured on those tires! Yes, smaller tires require a bit higher presure, but for a std. cab truck, I believe that is too much.

Here's what I do.... There is the simple chalk method. Get some sidewalk chalk from your kids/nieces-nephews/etc. Find a long parking lot, put a big mark across the tread on the RF and LR tires. Drive about 100 yds. or so in a straight line. Get out and check how much chalk is worn off. It should wear off evenly across the tread. Too much pressure and the center only wears off, too little only the edges wear off. Play with the pressure until you get an evey wear pattern.

The other way I do it is to take the max load and the max pressure for the tire and using the vehicle weight numbers off the door sill plate, calculate the percentage of max tire pressure to use according to vehicle loading and distribution over each tire.


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You should have more in the front than the rear. For my tires, I have 39-40psi in the front tires with 35 in the rear. I did have 35 all around but the tires bulged and it was shaky at highway speeds. I upped it to 40 in the front and now it rides alot smoother.
My tires are also on 2 ply

I also suggest the chalk.
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