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I noticed this the other day while pulling into the driveway. When my steering is cranked all the way to the left my tie-rod contacts my coil. This only seems to happen at a certain articulation of the suspension. I noticed some rust wear marks on the passenger side coil as well but not as much as the driver side. I have checked my steering rack bolts and they are tight. I have jacked up the front end and have grabbed the tire and have tried to see if there is any movement - None. I am kinda stumped at this one... You can see the difference between when the wheels are straight and when the wheel is turned all the way to the left.

As I said before, it does not happen all the time- just at certain articulation points.

I have often wondered if my coil diameter is too large. I put my kit on before they rolled out the specific Fox coilovers for the chaos kit.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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