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Hey All,

I'm looking to replace my ball joints (upper & lower, driver & passenger) and I'm wondering if I should go w/ factory replacements or moog or something else. I like the idea of greasable joints that moog has but are the factory sealed ones better?
The truck only has 30k and the lift and tires have only been on for about 4k so I don't really know why the ball joints crapped out already but there is play in the wheels. I had been hearing them thunk for about a week now and the shop that just did my new diff gears said that the bjs on both sides are don't look so hot. I'm on my way to the dealership tomorrow to see about the recall on the lower driver's bj to see if they will replace it. In the meantime I'm looking into what parts to order if I decide to replace them all in the hopes that I can keep this from happening again. I appreciate any help.

The truck is a :

2004 Tacoma 4x4 TRD
DR coilovers
285/75/16 BFG ATs on factory wheels
Stock control arms
Alcans rear w/ bilsteins
ORS manual hub conversion

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