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I recently purchased a black 2007 Tacoma DBL Cab Long Bed 4x4 w/TRD Sport Package. My last truck which I sold was a 2000 Tacoma Xtra Cab with front DR Coilovers, Camburg arms, rear DR reservoir shocks, Deaver 8 pack and downey 1.5" shackles. The coilovers were cranked all the way up to 3" which made 3" in both front and back. I had 33" tires on it, loved the look and the ride quality was good, but a little stiff.

Now I need some advice on lifting my '07 DBL Cab Long Bed. I already bought DR coilovers, DR control arms, DR reservoir shocks and a deaver 10 pack. I was hoping to run 33"s again and DR said that the coilovers only need to be cranked upto 2" to achieve this, which I would hope would make the ride quality a little better if they aren't cranked all the way up. The deavers however only provide 1.5" in the rear and I would like a level ride. I am wondering what kind of options I have and how much rear shackles will effect the ride quality in the rear end. Also, I am not sure if I will be happy with only 2" of lift.

I live out a dirt road and do a decent amount of 4 wheeling including going upto the snow pretty often, but I am certainly not a major offroader and I mainly need something functional to drive around dirt roads and horribly maintained driveways. This is also my daily driver vehicle so I need it to perform well on pavement as well. Finances are not a problem and I have already spent over $3000 on the parts I have sitting in my living room, which I am almost wondering if I should of gone with a long travel setup like Total Chaos or something because I think the 4" would look perfect and I would have no problem clearing 33"s. Please give me some advice on what you would do. Also, does anyone know where to get good extended brake lines for my truck since wheelers doesn't have them for the newer tacomas yet. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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