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Hello, I am new to this forum and new to toyota. I am purchasing a 97 toyota 4runner 4cylinder 4wd 5speed on friday. It has 265/75/r16 tires and 4.556 gears.

It needs new tires, and i was thinking some 265/75/r16 bfg at or 235/85/r16 bfg at. Or some bridgestone dueler revo at. What other sizes would you recomend? I want a 31-32 tall tire, but not really wide.

The mods i want to do:
either lc engineering turbo kit, or supercharger - anybody have experience on these?
electric fan
tjm 15 or 17 bar
some hella 500's or 4000
ome 2inch lift
winch at somepoint

how does this sound? Any suggestions?

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I'm not familiar with the 235/85/16 size tire, but the 265/75/16s should fit fine with 2" of lift up front. I believe they're equivalent to a 32x10.50 size tire. I also have no experience with OME's, but understand they ride well and provide the necessary lift. The only thing is that if you're going to go with a heavy front bumper, you might want to consider an OME coil spring that can handle the extra weight without sagging too prematurely (all coil springs sag over time, it's just a matter of which ones take longer to sag than others).

As for the 2.7L supercharger or turbo charger, you might want to PM Nuke or Tom Doherty about the supercharger. They were the first pioneers that imported the supercharger from South Africa that TRD later got rights to use (unless I'm mistaken about that? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Unfortunately, I don't know about the turbocharger nor do I know who has one in their 2.7L, but if you do a search for "turbocharger" you might find something.

As for a header, I had an LC Engineering header on an old 99 2.7L that I thought worked great. The fit and finish were good, and although the power band was more in the upper RPMs, I could really feel a difference in performance while on the highway. I understand that the NWOR header is also a good one for the 2.7L, but I don't have any first hand experience with it.

I don't know much about the TJM 15 or 17 bumpers other than I wanted to get the TJM 17 at one point. I then saw a post in one of the bumper threads about a TJM 17 failing (got torn and twisted up somehow) and thought it might not be strong enough for my needs. But maybe some TJM owners can chime in and prove otherwise. Either way, they're still much better protection than the plastic stock bumpers, and they also provide a decent winch platform, but you might want to consider the frame end cap mods for added strength if you plan on winching at any kind of a side angle.

I had Hella 500 driving lights at one time and like them. One of the lenses cracked and another would get a bit of water inside, but even with that they kept on working. I have no experience with any other auxiliary lights, but I understand the higher dollar ones provide much better light. I guess it's just a matter of how much you want to spend for them. One thing I remember about the Hella 500's, though, was that the instructions were terrible, or at least terrible for someone like me who had no experience wiring up a set of lights. I ended up buying a wiring set from NAPA for $20 only because it included some really good instructions for an electrical noob like me!

Hope this helps, and post before and after pics when you get a chance.
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