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Hello, I am new to this forum and new to toyota. I am purchasing a 97 toyota 4runner 4cylinder 4wd 5speed on friday. It has 265/75/r16 tires and 4.556 gears.

It needs new tires, and i was thinking some 265/75/r16 bfg at or 235/85/r16 bfg at. Or some bridgestone dueler revo at. What other sizes would you recomend? I want a 31-32 tall tire, but not really wide.

The mods i want to do:
either lc engineering turbo kit, or supercharger - anybody have experience on these?
electric fan
tjm 15 or 17 bar
some hella 500's or 4000
ome 2inch lift
winch at somepoint

how does this sound? Any suggestions?
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