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2005+ Access/Dbl Cab SB Tacoma 80" Standard-Duty Rock Sliders - Only $299/pr Introductory Price through 9/30/13! Click Here to Buy Now

Our Standard-Duty Rock Sliders are made entirely of MIG welded 1.75 x .120 steel tubing with fully gusseted 1/4" thick 4x4" mounting plates. These sliders are a great value considering they have the same outer structure as our higher priced offerings. They can be bolted-on (frame drilling required), but if intended to be used as slider rather than just a step, we recommend welding them on. Once welded, they are strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle and make a great hi-lift jacking point!

All-Pro Off Road has been an innovator in developing products for the 05+ Tacomas, using decades of extreme off-roading experience. Our Rock Sliders have been trail tested on some of the most grueling trails around, from the Rubicon to the Hammers and Moab. We know that rock sliders must be strong to protect your truck, as well as provide the optimal amount of ground clearance. The rocker panels are one of the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle, so leave it to us to provide you with the protection you need! We now offer 3 versions of this popular product - Standard-Duty, Heavy-Duty, and Extreme-Duty (APex).

They are built from USA produced heavy-duty steel tubing. At All-Pro, we only use domestic steel for our sliders. Most of the steel tubing on the market these days is imported, mostly from China and India, at very attractive prices compared to US manufactured steel. But, we’ve realized you get what you pay for and in order to build the best product, we need to use the best material regardless of cost. We order our steel from US steel mills in large quantities called "mill bundles" so that we can maintain material quality and build a product that is stronger than the competition. By ordering mill bundles, we can specify that the tubing meets our wall thickness requirements. Steel manufacturers have tolerances and specifications they have to maintain to be certified. However, we have found that over the years, the import suppliers push those limits to the max, so that you do not get what you’re paying for. In fact, most .120" wall import steel only measures .111 to .112", resulting in about 10% less strength and sliders that are made from inadequate material that isn’t what it is advertised to be. So, All-Pro not only supports our own US economy, we are also giving our customers a better, stronger product while doing so!

The shape of the outer tube is very critical and determines how much body protection it will provide as well as how the truck slides along the obstacles without getting hung up. The outer tubes of the Tacoma Rock Sliders are 1.75" diameter, and angle upward to provide more ground clearance and door protection. The rear of our Rock Sliders extend outward just before the rear wheels to provide extra body protection where it is needed most. In fact, All-Pro was the first to offer this "Kick-Out" design (since 1998) to protect the rear portion of the cab while maneuvering through tight obstacles. You'll be glad you have this feature next time you're wheeling next to a boulder, because as you near the end of the Rock Sliders they will push your truck out and away from danger just in time.

Don't be fooled by other "kick-out" designs that don't offer enough protection or a smooth transition to the "kick-out", like ours do. Our design was initially ridiculed by competitors mainly because they didn’t understand its function in body protection and how the kick-out can improve the ability to maneuver around an obstacle. Today, they still don’t understand, but many offer kick-outs merely because of their popularity. However, the design of other kick-outs can actually hinder forward motion of the vehicle by having abrupt angles, and they also lack sufficient body protection with inadequate kick-out sizes. Dubbed 2-stage, 3-stage, bat wings, or whatever they’re called, they all fall short with inferior kick-outs that will likely grab ahold of the obstacle and keep you there. All-Pro's kick-out design is more gradual and will allow the tube to slide along the rocks and gently push the body away from danger just as it reaches its most vulnerable area, which is the part of the rocker panel and lower cab area just before the rear tire. You want a slider that will actually slide and not one that will grab.
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