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New Edelbrock Mufflers

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Anyone hear anything good about these yet? I am thinking about trying one to see what its like. I have a flowmaster delta 50 right now.

Check them out.
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45 views and no one has any input. Oh well, I tried.
Thanks for the insight. I'll check out Ravin also.
TacoCrazy said:
We have run them on a V-8 at our Street Rod shop and as far as I'm concerned they sounded like hell..They had a fluttering, glass pack kinda tone during acceleration. We were not impressed on a V-8 application anyway..One of the best sounding mufflers I have ever heard on a V-6 Taco is from a company called Ravin Performance..It alot like a Flow, but even deeper..Sounds awesome on a 3.4 Taco..I have run one for about 2 yrs now and still get compliments..Just my .02

Do you know what the product number for our Tacoma in those Ravin mufflers?
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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