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Its a nice idea! I like it. I would run it on a mild trail rig or expedition rig. I would be too worried to tear something like that up on my rock crawler.

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At $4000 I'd rather build a flat bed 10x's for my crawler...

I think the hood, and top of the cab are the only pieces of sheet metal that are straight.


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Ebruddah said:
Looks like a glorified tonneau cover with a cargo rack and some goodies...
I could see that, in basic mode. But the goodies themselves seem to be the point. With an xtra cab, or especially a regular cab, there's no room in the cab to mount a 60-quart fridge. Basically I think its directed more at the expedition crowd that is in love with their regular or extended cab. Makes sense if that's your crowd and you have the cash. Plus the fact the whole module is self contained is kinda nice.

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Here are the details from their press release:


Security: Fully secured storage, all access points lockable.

Bolt-on application: Easy installation using factory bed mounts and wiring. No welding required

Self-contained: All systems integrated into the module, including water, fuel, aux. power, refrigeration, etc.

Weather tight: Automotive bulb seals throughout to ensure water and dust sealing

Tire clearances to 40" without trimming

Trail clearances improved: Increased departure and 1/4 panel clearances for technical terrain.

Accessory platform: Easy installation of cargo racks, roof tents, spare tires, awnings, aux. lighting, kayaks, etc.
CNC fabricated components for highest quality fitment and integrity.

Standard Features:

LED Lighting
Powder Coated 14 Gauge Steel Body
Stainless Steel Hardware
Gas Strut Assisted Lift

Lockable top and tailgate

Rubber bed matting
Internal tie-downs
Extended length shock mounting to subframe

Options and Upgrades:

Propane Tanks

Fuel Cans

Water Cans

Water Tank

Roof Racks
Shovel / Axe / Hi-Lift Mounts
Roof Top Tents
Auxiliary Batteries
Swing-out tire carrier


Volume: 46 cu. ft.

Length: 72"
Height: 26"

Width: 40" (base) / 50" (top)

Weight: Est. 350 lbs.
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