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I'll just post what I posted on the main board. Located in Burlingame.

Hey all,

I've been a member for some time but have mostly been lurking so I figured I would say hi.

So Hi

I'm located in the SF bay area drive a 2001 tacoma double cab 4x4. It's my DD and toy, nothing too crazy as it has to get me to work on monday but it definitely doesn't stay in the mall...too much.

What I’ve done:

Shitty sagging Alcans
SAW 2.0s
Lots of little things

Want to do/in the process:

Mount my m12000, not sure if it’s gonna happen cause it's huge

Plate or tube front/rear bumpers
Skid plates
Lockers front/rear
More lights
Possibly a rooftop tent
I'm sure there’s more.

Most everything I plan on fabbing/building myself cause I work in a fab shop, which is why its taken so long, no time

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Welcome! I'm also with the majority on the main board. The M12000 is overkill and IMHO is too much for the front end of an IFS tacoma.

Keep checking back on this board for future runs!
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