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Hey everyone, my name is Derek and I have a 2001 Tacoma which I have owned for a little over 2 years. I have quite a bit of experience working on cars, but this is my first Tacoma and I'm still learning about all the companies and parts that are available for them. After browsing around the forum, there seems to be a lot of knowledge here in this group. Besides that the other thing that drew me here was that I hope to meet some people from the NC area to go wheeling with. Anyways, here is a quick description of my truck: Stock 2001 Tacoma, 2.7L, SR5 & TRD package

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Welcome to TTORA!
Before posting, remember to check out the Newbie Tech threads and Search button for any questions you may have. You will be surprised on how often the subject matter has been discussed and it also will save you from some nasty comments about "why did you not do a search?!?" statement... ;)
Plus, try going out with local members on events, to check out their rigs and things they have tried.

Welcome again!
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