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new lift

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hi, im new to the world of off roading but after my cousin took me in his jeep i was hooked. I have a 2000 tacoma w/ 5 spd ,4wd ,2.7 L motor. i live in NC and i want to have easy to moderate off roading capabilities. I've been looking at different options for lifting my truck and new tires and wheels. First off, i know i'm getting 33'' tires but i haven't decided how thick yet. i know i will prob have to regear , and i was wondering about how much that would cost. i was looking at a Fabtech 3.5'' performance lift w/ front coilovers. i was thinking that if i got a 3'' body lift along with the suspension lift so i wouldn't have any tire rub problems. Any comments or advice would be gratly appreciated. thanks
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i live in charlotte too. do you really think the regearing will cost $1000, im only a couple hundred away from what the lift and tires would cost, when i saw that my stomach dropped. if i go with 33x12.5's, is regearing required, and i was also looking at other options on that customtacos website and was wondering how big a difference getting seperate parts, like the donahoe coilovers (which are the cost of the whole fabtech kit) and a leaf kit for the back, would make. i was looking to have a truck that can do moderate offroading for around $3000 but if it is worth it to get lockers and the better parts and regearing for another $2000 then i can wait.
yea i live in south charlotte too i actually go to Myers Park High School. i have always wanted to go to uwharrie, once i get everything installed i'd love to go, my e-mail is [email protected], btw i went to get an estimate on regearing and it was $1350 to run a 4.88, if anyone knows where to get it done cheaper in charlotte nc please post thanks
wait you don't have Mr. Clark for AP computer science, cause if you do i think im in your class, yea i went to 4wheelparts but ill prob go by rockshop tomorrow. and the silver taco isn't mine i have a 2000 white single cab, guess i'll talk to you in class, that's crazy
how do you know i have ADD and what does it mean, at the store the guy siad i wouldnt be able to use the entire 3.5'' anyways but i have never heard of the CV boot problem, most of the threads i have read don't mention anything about the cv boots wearing down but i guess i will look into it some more, if not the fabtech kit what other shocks and springs would you recomend its not like i have already bought the parts i'm still looking
thanks for bringing this up though
if this is something to do with manual locking hubs then i do have them but i really don't know what your talking about with the cv boots or ADD
so your telling me this happens on every tacoma, or just mine, and is there anyway to stop it other than cleaning the boots?
yea i said earlier i do have manual locking hubs but some other dude posted that it didn't matter if i had them or not, they are just manual locking in the front though not the back
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