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new lift

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hi, im new to the world of off roading but after my cousin took me in his jeep i was hooked. I have a 2000 tacoma w/ 5 spd ,4wd ,2.7 L motor. i live in NC and i want to have easy to moderate off roading capabilities. I've been looking at different options for lifting my truck and new tires and wheels. First off, i know i'm getting 33'' tires but i haven't decided how thick yet. i know i will prob have to regear , and i was wondering about how much that would cost. i was looking at a Fabtech 3.5'' performance lift w/ front coilovers. i was thinking that if i got a 3'' body lift along with the suspension lift so i wouldn't have any tire rub problems. Any comments or advice would be gratly appreciated. thanks
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a 2" BL is all you'd need to clear 33s with 3" of lift.
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