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new lift

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hi, im new to the world of off roading but after my cousin took me in his jeep i was hooked. I have a 2000 tacoma w/ 5 spd ,4wd ,2.7 L motor. i live in NC and i want to have easy to moderate off roading capabilities. I've been looking at different options for lifting my truck and new tires and wheels. First off, i know i'm getting 33'' tires but i haven't decided how thick yet. i know i will prob have to regear , and i was wondering about how much that would cost. i was looking at a Fabtech 3.5'' performance lift w/ front coilovers. i was thinking that if i got a 3'' body lift along with the suspension lift so i wouldn't have any tire rub problems. Any comments or advice would be gratly appreciated. thanks
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To note; if you stick to 33x10.5 , you can keep the stock rims for a while. That saves money. You can also still fit them in the fenders, which should save some money. You should be able to skip the body lift. That will save you more money, body lift! I run 265/75/16. Tire is 32-1/2 high. If you get stuck with a 10.5, you'll get just as stuck with a 12.5. Also, I did not have to regear my truck with these tires. HA! Another way to save money. I am running a coilover front, with 2-5/8 lift, and a deaver pack in rear, for 1-1/2 lift. If getting the fabtech, other drivers have suggested the performance package coilover. They are rebuildable, unlike the standard coilover from fabtech. Others that are not too expensive are Sway away, and downey. I got the downey's, thinking they would be just a hold me over.... turns out, they are pretty good, and tons better than stock. Pinch weld mod, and no rub..
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Automatic driveline/disconnect... or something like that. It will give you up to 2-1/2 to 3" of lift. The cv boots will wear prematurely, regardless of which type of hubs you have. It's all in the angle of the boots. Some last a long time, some fail immediatley. Most agree that cleaning the boots regularly helps their lifespan.
Oppositeboy said:
What?!? Please explain how ADD gives lift. :confused:
DOOHH! My miswording. ADD front axles will popssibly start to vibrate with lift that exceeds 2-1/2 to 3" of lift, and you'll wear out cv boots faster. :D Sorry about the confusion there. Coilovers, or spacers will give the actual lift.
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