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Greetings from sunny New Mexico!

Purchased this 2004 Tacoma truck back in Oct 2021 from an old man in Colorado. It has the 3.4L v6 engine & is a 2wd and has a leather interior. No rips at all!

Since then, I've had valve cover gaskets replaced, replaced front wheel rotors, and replaced struts/shocks with Bilstein 4600, though I kept the coilovers. It now sits a little higher than before and my ride now is SMOOTH! I've also replaced the battery with an INTERSTATE battery, fixed the ash tray, & replaced the instrument cluster with white LED lights. WOW! what an improvement! Never liked the orange lighting. I've also purchased some 2nd gen rims that I'm cleaning up & looking to transfer in the near future.

So, some questions I have to the group:
1) Should I apply undercoat for the frame & under carriage areas myself or have a shop do this work? (I know I should have checked this before I purchased, but I saw it & wanted it! LOL!)
**** Any opinions &/or suggestions on the frame rust, etc. is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
2) Where can I purchase the front corner lamps pig-tales & wiring? Lamps don't work because pig-tales are old & wires have been cut. Don't know how or why, but I found this out about 2 months after I brought the truck home.
3) Should I change the BALL JOINTS-see photos (upper & lower)? Do they look bad? I don't notice any issues while driving, but I figure this should probably be changed out.
4) What other things should I do? (thinking of having brake fluid replaced)

Appreciate any & all imput!


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1- Looks pretty good actually. Just clean up the existing rust and undercoat as needed. I think do it yourself is fine for that type of work.
2- Lots of aftermarket options. I'm not sure where your harness is cut, so you'll probably have to splice something regardless. Crimp and heatshrink if you do.
3- Lower ball joints are a known failure point. Yours don't look too bad, but I wouldn't risk it. Replace with OEM recommended.
4- All in all, that truck is in very clean condition for the age. Just do all the normal fluid services and you should get plenty more years out of it.
Thanks, ShowStop!
I'll replace the ball joints ASAP, work on the rust areas, fix the corner lights & enjoy the truck!
Holy smokes! That thing is amazing. :)
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