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Passing this along, info I received from the BRC. I made one correction to bullet #1 down below. It mistakenly said that if you are under 14 you don't get to ride, which is wrong, you simply don't get to drive.


NMOHVA has completed its analysis of SB379. This bill aims to change the OHV Act passed in 2005. SB379 is a BAD piece of legislation.

Here are some of the items in the bill. They clearly show why this is such a BAD bill:

1) An outright ban on anyone under the age of 14 operating an ATV or UTV. That is right. If you are under 14, you don't get to drive.
2) Allows the state to arbitrarily set any sound emission standard they choose, even if it is way lower than anywhere else in the US or is impossible to meet with today's technology.
3) A 50% increase in the OHV sticker fee. This increase comes even though they haven't spent the money they have already collected and they haven't given any reason why they need even more of our money.
4) The bill requires that over half of our sticker fee money must be spent on law enforcement. We supported the 2005 OHV Act because it emphasized education. Yet not a single child has been trained with sticker funding to date. Now they want to use our money for law enforcement instead.

There are so many things wrong with this Bill that we believe it should be killed outright rather than try to change it.

The first step in legislative approval is the Senate Corporation and Transportation Committee. This committee may vote on the bill as early as Monday afternoon. Let's do our best to kill it right here and now. If a majority of the Senators on the committee vote against SB379, it dies right there.

The link to the left identifies the State Senators who sit on the committee. If your Senator sits on this Committee, call his office the first thing Monday morning. A staff person will answer the phone. It is their job to log the opinions of citizens who call in. Give your opinion on SB379. If you can't call, send an email. If your Senator doesn't sit on the Committee, pick out a few Senators and call their office anyway! The point we want to make is that there are a lot of OHV users in New Mexico and we OPPOSE SB379.

Then get your riding buddies, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers - anyone who is tired of OHV'ers being treated so unfairly and so badly and have them call a committee member also.
Let's kill SB379 right here and now.

Remember to check your email for NMOHVA updates. We will keep you informed on the status of the bill.

President - NMOHVA

List of Senate Corporation and Transportation Committee Members

READ SB379 HERE! Regular/bills/senate/SB0379.pdf
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