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New Plugs and Wires

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I am going to change my plugs and wires in the next couple of weeks. I have always used just the run of the mill stuff. Since I just bought my Tacoma off my dad it is all new to me and I am learning all about it. Just wanted some opinions. It is a '99 3.4 ,4wd.
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The 3.4L doesn't have plug wires as it uses coil packs so thats one less thing you'll have to worry about.

As far as plugs, I've always replaced mine with OEM (Toyota).

Off-topic: Where in Houston are you located?
I thought it had coil packs on only one side? Anyhoo, just get the OEM (Denso or NGK would be fine) and you'll be golden.
Opps, that's right. There are 3 wires that go to the other bank.
Thanks. I am new to the whole world of Toyota. I have always been a Jeep guy until a few months ago. I live in Kingwood.
Although they kinda cost a lot, get the 4 dollar a piece NGK's. The parts store will probably call them 'OEM equiptment.' Last time I bought plugs they were ganna sell me some 1 dollar ones or somethin and I had to ask for the 'four dollar ones.'
What about the...I THINK NGk 5650's I have heard about? What do you guys think of those? I am in the same boat. Gonna need to change mine soon also.
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