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My dad had been a custom fabricator longer than I can remember, and a good one at that. He worked with all types of substrates from wood to metal and beautifully crafts anything he got his hands on. Back then and now, his specialization always seemed to fall under CNC router work and faux finishes. His fabrication (at least during my lifespan) began with props and signage. He crafted plaques for every large college and university in the US including some big name high schools and then branched off onto designing and producing development signs in the city we reside in. Small development sings turned into producing signage for the city and later on designing and manufacturing podiums for the Cleveland Indians.


The first round of podiums were made back in '07 (way before I even knew what a podium was used for) so by the time 2016 rolled around, Progressive Field was ready for a new set. Being the very much in need of money college bound student that I am, my dad put up an offer: Learn how to build the podiums, do the work, do it well, and the money is yours. After what seemed like an eternity of routing, sanding, varnishing my dad was ready for me to take on the next project... and BrenBuoy was born. We combined my dad's expertise in custom fabrication and my interest in off-roading to create a truly unique product fit for any jeep enthusiast.


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