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Hey everyone,
A few months ago, I sadly had to part ways with my 91 4runner before i was able to finish my goals for the little beast. I was traveling down I-20 at about 70 miles an hour when a bearing in the front passenger wheel burnt out and sheered off the tire, breaks, spindles, etc.
I couldn't afford to fix it, since I'm a poor old college student, so now I'm working towards saving up for a new Yota. Hopefully an early 90's Landcruiser this time.

I'm working in New Mexico this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch, so even though it's all the way across the state, I'd still like to try to get over to Takeover. I kicked myself last year when I wasn't able to make it up to the Superlift Park since it is so close to where I go to school. I was on vacation with my family at the time, but my friend went and won a pair of sliders! So I'd love to catch a ride over to Farmington if anyone is passing through Cimarron to get there!
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