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Been reading on the forums here for a little while, figured I would join in. I just picked up this 98 tacoma 2.7l auto a few weeks back and i'm getting it back into good running condition.

Just finished up a bastard pack to fix the broken leaf springs, still needs adjustment - It's super stiff. Many more little things to fix!

So far wheeled ironclads, bunce school rd, and t-33a plane crash this past weekend. Really impressed how much more capable this truck is over my old WJ. Taking it up to Pole hill rd tomorrow and sunday.

Pic of taking it home, picked it up in Breckenridge in poor shape, so it was easier to tow it back to loveland.

Hope to see others out on the trails! I plan to do as much as I can this year.


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Welcome to cottora.

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Not too much, I doubt I will get the chance to do anything serious.

Probably some 5100's with the bastard pack leafs to net ~2.5-3 in lift, add some 33in tires, and maybe a locker down the road. Will be used for wheeling and home depot runs mostly.

Right now i'm just working on getting it back up to par. There's a laundry list of problems to take care of due to previous owner's negligence.

So far:

Fixed broken leaf springs
Full exhaust (prev owner straight piped it)
New upstream 02
E-Brake function

To be addressed:

E-brake return spring
Trans temp sensor code p0710
idle at 2k
Rust on driver rear wheel well fixed
All fluids
Front U Joints
Transfer case front output seal
Misc oil leak(s?)
Rack and pinion leak
Airbag light
Radiator leak
Tailgate cables
Track down exhaust leak
hitch rusted in receiver

Pole hill rd was a no go- Found the broken U-joints before we left and didn't get it fixed in time.

Do people get together often from here to hit a trail? Could be fun to meet other people interested in this stuff.
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