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New to Toyota's

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Hello all. I'm looking for a truck and have been searching for 3 weeks now. Drove almost all new trucks from Ford GMC Chevy Nissan Dodge and some used. I think I found one. 2000 Tacoma xcab v6 5 speed with 85100 miles.
I sold my silverado back in July because I just didn't use it much now that I ride my SV650 suzuki almost everyday so a big truck big engine wasn't needed. I started out 3 weeks ago looking at Tocoma's. A couple of my friends have Toyotas and they have contests on who can put the most miles on them. Anyhow, I'm doing a lot of research on what to get. After driving many trucks now, I'm back to the Tacoma because I think it suits my needs the best. Long lasting, good on gas, good looks, dependable and good resale value. My daughter is heading off to college, my son is going to drive in three years and if the famliy gets together and goes somewhere we'll use the Touareg. My wife can't wait to get her hands on that. So the Tacoma just seems to be right.
Couple of questions. Is 85100 miles to much for $14700? I live in PA so thta night help you guage prices. It's at a good local Toyota dealer so I feel it has been looked over thoroughly. I saw the truck today. Very nice condition. Spray in bed liner, tow hitch, sliding rear window, newish tires, no rust or dings. Looks like it was taken care of. How much do dealers have to work with their numbers on something like this truck? I'm getting tired of looking and out of all I've seen, I could live with this one. Is there anything to look for? I drove a 1999 4cyl. 5 speed last weekend and the front end wobbled like crazy. Said something to the sale guy and he said,"they all do that with big tires". Yeah right. I walked away from that place. Any help would be get and I'll page thru the site and do research. Thanks guys
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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