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Brand New

Toytec 3" 05-07 Tacoma Lift Kit w/ OME Coils & Alcan Leaf Springs

Toytec Part Number - OME3-05-AL - 3” Lift Coil Kit with AAL

2005 - 2007 TOYTEC Tacoma 4x4 & Prerunner Lift Kit
--3” Lift Coil Kit with AAL
--2 OME Front lift coil springs - OME 884
--ToyTec Top plate spacers For a full 3" front lift
--6 top plate studs
--2" lift ToyTec custom Add-a-leafs by Alcan spring, Offering OEM Style
anti-friction Pads these are a Long softer riding add-a-leaf

Asking $225 plus shipping

The Kit is $290 from Toytec......look for yourself on Toytec's website.

Why am I selling? I bought it from my 2005 Toyota Tacoma about 3 months back. Was waiting for it to get warm outside and for the stock tires to be replaced......but before that happened......I sold the truck 2 weeks ago. Now I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra on the way. So I don't need this New Toytec Lift anymore. My loss...your gain.

If you have can email me at [email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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