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For those of you that are looking to get the new 05+ V6 URD Tacoma 4x4 High Clearence Y-Pipe, here is a great deal for the first few customers.

We have issed a $50 off coupon that will expire after 5 uses:


Enter that coupon code at checkout for $50 off the current listed price!!!

This Y-Pipe is very simular that the one we made for the FJ Cruiser but it fits the Tacoma. It eliminates the rear cats and it gets that low hanging cross over pipe out from under the transfer case and tucks it up and out of the way.

Just look at that pinched down section that goes under your transfer case. Kind of restrictive... If you have wheeled your truck you have bound to have even more divits in it!!! Get rid of that rock snaging Y pipe and install something that won't hold you back on the trail!!

Only good for 5 uses!!! Act now!!!
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